Abzar Teb Mehr Baran is a private company established by a group of highly trained and experienced peoples with the aim of catering the Iranian Healthcare with the most innovative solutions.


We believe the only key of success is to provide the Added-Value, either for our valuable clients or the patients. To bring the added value, we considered the following:


  • Most Innovative Solutions
  • Medical Consults
  • Highly Educated Staff
  • After Sales Service


Most Innovative Solutions: We made an extensive research in the world wide to find the most innovative solutions for the management of the diseases in different sectors. We also double checked the certificates and published literatures to be ensure about the safety and efficacy. We take extreme care about everything to provide our valuable clients with the solutions which are:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Innovative
  • Cost Effective

 We are proud to notify that are the Exclusive Agent of the following companies in Iran:

 Energist Group (United Kingdom): NEOGEN™, Nitrogen Plasma Skin Regeneration, the only FDA approved Plasma Skin Regeneration System (PSR) with strong scientific basis, Excellent outcome, and for sure cost effective to treat the multiple skin problems at the single time.

Medart (Denmark): Manufacturer of Aesthetic and Surgical Laser systems, which are all FDA approved. SmartSculpt™ is the most innovative solutions created new, safe, effective and efficient opportunity for assisted Lipolysis, Hyperhydrosis, redefines contouring and sculpting.

Triworks (Italy): Manufacturer of most innovative and effective solutions for Aesthetic. Triworks manufacturers the State of the Art Liposuction and Soft Surgery assisted with RF and Ultrasonic Cavitation (Synetica), HIFU (Sideria), RF for Anti-Agening (Medical RF), Skin Tightening with RF and Cavitation (Omnika), Vacuum Endodermic Massage (Deros) system.

 We believe the way is success is to keep the clients satisfactory, and to reach that goal, we believe the followings would be our important added values. 

  • Medical Consults: We believe that we need to be familiar with the special concerns of each field we work, and the best one who can guide us would be the Doctor who is active in that sector. Therefore, we have established a good cooperation with the educated doctors as our consults. They work with each solutions and let us know if they are also good for Iranian specific market and clients or not. They help us to develop the specific protocols for Iran, and train the future clients to best use the solutions.
  •  Highly Educated Staff: We believe the highly trained, trustful and compassionate staff would have the same value as the solutions that we are delivering. They are a part of our solutions. Therefore, we consider a significant investment on educating and training our staff to be ensure that they are providing the state of the art service to our clients, either before sales for consulting, or after sales service.
  •  After Sales Service: We try our utmost to provide the best after sale services. We believe that the key of maintaining ourselves in the top in the market would be our delivered jobs, which the previous clients are happy of working with us.




Energist, the home of Aesthetic Nitrogen Based Plasma Technology, Manufacturers the Unique Neogen Nitrogen Plasma systems which deliver controlled heating to skin architecture stimulating a significant physiological response, without creating an open wound.

MedArt A/S is Danish Company with an international profile; developing, manufacturing, and selling world class medical laser, since 1979. It is the ambition of MedArt to offer a reliable, versatile and affordable medical laser, along with a wide range of applicators, scanners and cooling systems for most dermatological indications. Today, our product range spans from 532nm over 810nm, 980nm and 1470nm to 10600nm wavelengths, combined with unique compact and portable design. MedArt products ar

e the result of interactions with leading dermatologists, combined with experienced engineer’s passion to develop high quality medical lasers. All products are CE marked and FDA cleared and in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the EEC Medical Device Directive.

We manufacture high quality and reliable, versatile, and affordable medical lasers. That covers the majority of dermatologic requirements … For the benefit of the physicians

The brand Triworks is on global market with a wide range of technologies for the Medical Aesthetics Industry. Our devices have made important improvements and changes in the development of the Soft Surgery and the traditional techniques
Anti-aging treatments and tissue revitalization HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound)
Radiofrequency and ultrasound cavitation Dual-Wavelength Diode Laser and IPL
Liposuction and Soft Surgery Non-Surgical Lifting
Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty and Lifting Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening
Body Shaping and Body Contouring Gynecological Treatments (SUI)
Vacuum Therapy and Endodermic massage