DEROS is a multifunctional skincare device which combines radiofrequency, infrared light and vacuum anti-cellulite massage.
DEROS is a non-invasive body contouring procedure mainly indicated for the treatment of patients with cellulite, localized adipose tissues, lymphatic dysfunction and poor blood circulation. The combination of three procedures in a single device ensures and provides significant results. The action of the vaccum anticellulite massage is directed not only to reduce the adipose tissue, but also to improve skin firmness, skin elasticity and texture, boost tightness, optimize the skin’s condition and stimulate the lymphatic drainage. In addition, the multi-functional system of this device improves the metabolism and accelerates the regeneration processes by removing toxins and harmful substances from the body. The vacuum effect, together with the mechanical massage, performs the main action of DEROS facilitating the non-surgical fat removal procedure, especially in particular areas: on the hips, back, and nearby joints, gluteus, legs and abdomen.