SIDERIA is the last rising star of the HIFU technology, the starlit heritage of a Martian and its know-how tendency for innovation and high-tech progress.

Like a newly discovered star, it enhances the development of the Aesthetic Medicine methods collimating research and passion, synergism and avant-gardism.

SIDERIA Technology uses ultrasonic wage energy in order to lift and tight the epidermis in profundity. The cone-shaped ultrasound enables the reproduction of dermal collagen via the remodeling of tissues (skin tightening). Depending on the chosen operating programs, it is possible to stimulate the natural regeneration of skin tissue through the body heating at different depths and on different skin type. Depending on the intensity of the treatment and of the protocol selected, SIDERIA can penetrate within the surface from 1 up to 11mm, in order to obtain a surprising tightening effect. Thanks to the geometrical precision of its handpiece and the innovation of its software, SIDERIA reaches with safety the patient goals designing a futuristic revolution within the Science of Aesthetic Medicine.