The brand Triworks is on global market with a wide range of technologies for the Medical Aesthetics Industry. Our devices have made important improvements and changes in the development of the Soft Surgery and the traditional techniques

SYNETICA EVOLUTION                   SIDERIA HIFU                                            MEDICAL RF                                                     OMNIKA                           DEROS

Liposuction and Soft Surgery       High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound      Radiofrequency                                               RF and Cavitation           Vacuum Therapy

RF and Ultrasonic Cavitation                                                                            Anti-ageing and Treatments                         Skin Tightening               Endodermic Massage

Experts by your side

Our mission is to create non-invasive or minimally invasive technologies for skin rejuvenation and body shaping. Our anti-aging procedures and skin tightening techniques reduce and alleviate stress, anxiety and pain of the traditional skincare treatments with extraordinary results. Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, beauty experts and skincare specialists are an integral part of our workplace. We work with universities and centers of research to guarantee the most effective and higher performance of our medical and aesthetic equipment.

Sales and Customer Service

We have established a long-term client relationship based on trust, transparency and collaboration to provide the most effective treatments and the best customer service. We organize and manage interactive training courses, demonstrative days, free events and individual in-house and outsourced training programs on the correct use of our equipment. We remain available for our customers by offering presales activities and after-sales service. Moreover, we provide sales consulting service, equipment maintenance, software update, customer service and support including assistance in planning, installation, training, upgrading, transport and disposal of the products.

Research and Innovation

We collaborate with a vast network of health care professionals, researchers, biomedical engineers and highly-qualified doctors to ensure all our customer obtain quality, cost-effective treatments and advanced medical aesthetic solutions. We work to drive innovation and maximise the impact of our research investments to develop new skin-care products and techniques. We support innovation through a variety of activities: developing collaborative research programs, investing in major research capabilities, develop ideas and products and make them a technological success.

Abzar Teb Mehr Baran is the exclusive agent of Triworks srl in Iran.