Urospec – Multi-Purpose Uroflowmeter

The Urospec is a state-of-the-art uroflowmeter that assists physicians and clinicians in diagnosing various diseases caused by urinary tract obstructions. It is easy to use and quickly provides conclusive results. The system’s data analysis function gives a comprehensive profile of the patient’s performance around the clock, offering a precise, clear and objective analysis of the patient’s condition. The collected data can be downloaded to a computer for subsequent analysis.

A Breakthrough in Uroflowmetry

The system is compact, lightweight and self powered so it can be used in both the lab and home setting. The Urospec even comes with its own discreet carrying case so that patients can travel with it and use it in the comfort of their home, so you can obtain the most accurate results. The Urospec comes complete with Windows-compatible software and optional thermal printer, enabling unlimited uroflow database storage. The Urospec is guaranteed to supply physicians with highly reliable exact and accurate results.


  • The most compact and portable Uroflowmeter
  • Revolutionary lab & home use
  • Round-the-clock data collection
  • Accurate & reliable

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